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  • “Peptides”. Many may cringe at the word, often misinterpreting it with negative connotations such as illegal, banned, steroids and unnatural. So why is the use of these amino acids growing exponentially, by not just fitness enthusiasts but everyday Joe Bloggs like you and me? These “protein chains”, are not just turned to by gym junkies for their muscle synthesising and fat burning properties. With peptides for injury recovery and repair, cognition, anti-aging, sleep, tanning, libido, or anxiety, to name a few, this growing market caters for everyone. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of stigma in the public eye due to media and press, shaming their use and clouding benefit in debilitating chronic conditions such as obesity, muscle atrophy, osteoarthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s or even recovery post stroke. Are peptides legal or banned in Australia? The truth is peptides are 100% “l[...]

  • If you’re tempted to purchase peptides outside Australia, think again! Peptides are legal in Australia and are far better in quality than those sourced from other countries. If you decide to purchase peptides from overseas you are taking a risk in quality of the product and thus, a risk to the effects on your body. Here’s why Australian Made Peptides are better than those sourced from overseas: Australian Peptides are Produced Under Strict Guidelines In Australia, peptides need to be produced under strict guidelines. In other countries it is easier to produce peptides which are diluted and impure. You may be paying less, but at what cost? It might be detrimental to your health or simply ineffective in comparison to those on the Australian market. In Australia, Peptides are Legal With a Prescription In Australia, peptides must be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. The benefits[...]

  • Are Peptides Legal in Australia? Are you feeling a little worried about purchasing peptides for personal use? Perhaps you’ve heard rumours that peptides are similar to steroids and therefore, they’re not something you can use legally in Australia? It’s important to keep in mind though that peptides are in fact perfectly legal and are actually very different to steroids. We will dispel the myths and give you comfort in knowing that you are buying a perfectly safe and legal product when you buy or purchase peptides online, and that the benefits of peptides are vast and their side effects if used correctly are minimal, if any. Why Are Peptides Legal? Unlike steroids, peptides are not banned for use outside of various diseases and ailments. The illicit use of steroids is associated with very harmful side-effects such as cardiovascular disease. Peptides however are legal when prescribed [...]