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  • Weight Loss Peptides Weight Loss can be achieved through the use of doctor prescribed pharmaceutical weight loss peptide supplementation. Drop the unwanted Kg’s and lose the excess fat by using weight loss peptides. The Problem: Hormones change, and the levels decrease as we age. By the time we’re 30 ‘Endocrine’ one of the hormones that help us stay lean is longer functioning efficiently compared to earlier years. Resulting in unwanted fat storage, which is typically around the abdominal region and hips. The Solution - Why Weight loss peptides Weight loss peptides have the ability to do increase the naturally occurring endocrine hormones which result in burning fat and losing unwanted weight. What Weight Loss peptides do? Weight loss peptides increase ghrelin in the stomach, which assists in the release of the GH hormone aiding in the control of hunger. Getting hunger under co[...]

  • “Peptides”. Many may cringe at the word, often misinterpreting it with negative connotations such as illegal, banned, steroids and unnatural. So why is the use of these amino acids growing exponentially, by not just fitness enthusiasts but everyday Joe Bloggs like you and me? These “protein chains”, are not just turned to by gym junkies for their muscle synthesising and fat burning properties. With peptides for injury recovery and repair, cognition, anti-aging, sleep, tanning, libido, or anxiety, to name a few, this growing market caters for everyone. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of stigma in the public eye due to media and press, shaming their use and clouding benefit in debilitating chronic conditions such as obesity, muscle atrophy, osteoarthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s or even recovery post stroke. Are peptides legal or banned in Australia? The truth is peptides are 100% “l[...]

  • Choosing to use peptides to improve your health and wellbeing is an exciting decision, but a search online will reveal that it is rather difficult to filter through all the providers of peptides to ensure that you use peptides that are of premium quality and at a competitive price. If you’re having trouble knowing what to look for when choosing a peptide company, there are a few things you should consider to inform your decision. If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to all the below questions then you are well on your way to finding the perfect peptide company. Is The Company Local? Local companies provide the best peptides on the market. International sources of peptides can be cheaper but they also carry the dangers of being an impure peptide, containing additives or ineffective as many countries don’t carry the stringent guidelines that Australia does. It’s best to only consider Austr[...]

  • By definition, peptides are short chains of amino acids. Amino acid that is 50 chains or longer is a protein and anything less than 50 is renamed a peptide. So essentially, peptides are the building blocks of protein and can assist in increased cell reproduction which helps with the healing process, muscle build up and more. How do Peptides work? Perhaps you have heard of peptides at the gym, or maybe you’ve seen them being marketed in your skin care range. Many people have heard of peptides, but are unsure how peptide products work on the human body. When you become informed about Peptides, you might discover that they are the perfect option for your body’s needs. Because peptides are the building blocks of proteins they can communicate with the body to trigger the release of growth hormone into the blood. When the hormone is released you can see the benefits in your body as it is [...]

  • If you’re tempted to purchase peptides outside Australia, think again! Peptides are legal in Australia and are far better in quality than those sourced from other countries. If you decide to purchase peptides from overseas you are taking a risk in quality of the product and thus, a risk to the effects on your body. Here’s why Australian Made Peptides are better than those sourced from overseas: Australian Peptides are Produced Under Strict Guidelines In Australia, peptides need to be produced under strict guidelines. In other countries it is easier to produce peptides which are diluted and impure. You may be paying less, but at what cost? It might be detrimental to your health or simply ineffective in comparison to those on the Australian market. In Australia, Peptides are Legal With a Prescription In Australia, peptides must be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. The benefits[...]

  • Are Peptides Legal in Australia? Are you feeling a little worried about purchasing peptides for personal use? Perhaps you’ve heard rumours that peptides are similar to steroids and therefore, they’re not something you can use legally in Australia? It’s important to keep in mind though that peptides are in fact perfectly legal and are actually very different to steroids. We will dispel the myths and give you comfort in knowing that you are buying a perfectly safe and legal product when you buy or purchase peptides online, and that the benefits of peptides are vast and their side effects if used correctly are minimal, if any. Why Are Peptides Legal? Unlike steroids, peptides are not banned for use outside of various diseases and ailments. The illicit use of steroids is associated with very harmful side-effects such as cardiovascular disease. Peptides however are legal when prescribed [...]

  • The Benefits of Peptides in Skin Care are unlimited. As you grow older, your skin is much more likely to become affected by your environment and the aging process. Skin is made up of collagen and this is what gives your skin firmness and support. As you age, your collagen levels decrease which in turn gives you saggier wrinkled skin. The amount of anti-aging skin products on the market is vast, and many of them may do more harm than good to your skin. Then there’s surgery or fillers which hold their own dangers and can leave a permanent effect you don’t desire. Peptides are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to drastic cosmetic treatments. Not only are peptides completely safe and natural, they are a far less invasive option than surgery and can still leave you feeling and looking younger. Why are Peptides Anti-aging? Peptides are present in collagen. Collagen is a p[...]

  • The Difference Between Peptides and Steroids is what this post explains. It is common for people to confuse peptides with steroids but it’s important to remember that they are very different, and that unlike steroids, peptides are legal in Australia and completely safe to use when dosage is strictly adhered to. What exactly are peptides? By definition, peptides are short chains of amino acids. Amino acid that is 50 chains or longer is a protein and peptides are anything less than 50 is renamed a peptide. And essentially, peptides are the building blocks of protein and can assist in increased cell reproduction which helps with the healing process, muscle build up and more. What are steroids? Steroids are a synthetic drug that mimics the effects of the male hormone, testosterone. Steroids work by activating receptor sites because the chemical composition is similar to testosterone. Whe[...]