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  • Choosing to use peptides to improve your health and wellbeing is an exciting decision, but a search online will reveal that it is rather difficult to filter through all the providers of peptides to ensure that you use peptides that are of premium quality and at a competitive price. If you’re having trouble knowing what to look for when choosing a peptide company, there are a few things you should consider to inform your decision. If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to all the below questions then you are well on your way to finding the perfect peptide company. Is The Company Local? Local companies provide the best peptides on the market. International sources of peptides can be cheaper but they also carry the dangers of being an impure peptide, containing additives or ineffective as many countries don’t carry the stringent guidelines that Australia does. It’s best to only consider Austr[...]

  • If you’re tempted to purchase peptides outside Australia, think again! Peptides are legal in Australia and are far better in quality than those sourced from other countries. If you decide to purchase peptides from overseas you are taking a risk in quality of the product and thus, a risk to the effects on your body. Here’s why Australian Made Peptides are better than those sourced from overseas: Australian Peptides are Produced Under Strict Guidelines In Australia, peptides need to be produced under strict guidelines. In other countries it is easier to produce peptides which are diluted and impure. You may be paying less, but at what cost? It might be detrimental to your health or simply ineffective in comparison to those on the Australian market. In Australia, Peptides are Legal With a Prescription In Australia, peptides must be purchased with a doctor’s prescription. The benefits[...]