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  • Weight Loss Peptides Weight Loss can be achieved through the use of doctor prescribed pharmaceutical weight loss peptide supplementation. Drop the unwanted Kg’s and lose the excess fat by using weight loss peptides. The Problem: Hormones change, and the levels decrease as we age. By the time we’re 30 ‘Endocrine’ one of the hormones that help us stay lean is longer functioning efficiently compared to earlier years. Resulting in unwanted fat storage, which is typically around the abdominal region and hips. The Solution - Why Weight loss peptides Weight loss peptides have the ability to do increase the naturally occurring endocrine hormones which result in burning fat and losing unwanted weight. What Weight Loss peptides do? Weight loss peptides increase ghrelin in the stomach, which assists in the release of the GH hormone aiding in the control of hunger. Getting hunger under co[...]

  • OVERVIEW hCG (or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophic) is a biological substance naturally produced by the human body. It is found in high amounts during a woman’s pregnancy, where its purpose is to find and use the body’s fat reserves to nourish the developing fetus and maintain the mother’s muscle tone. Discovered and refined by British endocrinologist, Dr A. T. W. Simeons, over his 40-year studies, it has become clear that hCG is an incredibly effective treatment for fat loss when combined with a very low calorie diet (or VLCD). Dr Simeons was able to determine (after observing thousands of clinical trials) the problems with regular dieting and the difference hCG can make. He states in his founding research that the body has three types of fat: structural fat (which protects and pads the organs, arteries, etc.); regular fuel fat (reserves that the body can quickly draw on for emergency [...]