Tanning Peptides

Tanning Peptides

Everyone loves having a good tan, the glow, the healthy looking skin, especially when combined with a fit looking body. Maintaining that glow in the past has come at the expense of missing that natural look or risking potential skin damage through premature ageing when excessively going in the sun or using tanning beds.

Living in a consistently warm environment you can potentially experience premature ageing and skin damage when spending long hours in the sun. If you live somewhere where you only experience warm weather for a few months of the year, seeking alternatives to maintain that glow to avoid looking a pale can be a must.

From fake tanning to using tanning beds all pose their different challenges and health concerns.

If you’ve experienced any following:
● Unbalance skin colour due to a fake tan application.
● Redness or orange looking unnatural skin colour.
● Skin damage or premature ageing.

Then doctor prescribed tanning peptides will give you a healthy tanned without needing to going the sun!.

What tanning peptides do?

Using our doctor prescribed pharmaceutical peptides were able to stimulate the pigment cells called melanocytes. These are responsible for the colour of the skin. Utilizing the tanning peptides allow for the ability to develop a safe enhanced tan.

Here’s how tanning peptides work

This scientific breakthrough in tanning helps you get a tan in or out of the sun. These pharmaceutical tanning peptides prescribed by the doctor to increase melanin production via stimulation of skin pigment cells which causes the skin to change colour and get tan as if it were in the sun.
This works because In our skin we have hormones (communicators) that can be stimulated through the use of tanning peptides.

Tanning Vs Tanning peptides

Tanning peptides use a Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH) a class of hormone that when produced stimulates pigment cells (melanocytes) in the skin to produce and release melanin which leads to darker skin.

Alpha-MSH is the most abundant MSH and the most active for skin pigmentation.

Using Tanning peptides means:
– A darker tan with less exposure to UV radiation
– Potentially reduced risk of Melanoma (skin cancer)
– Reduction in the incidence of sun-damaged skin
– Looking tanned even if you have fair skin.
– Increased Libido and Improved Male and Female Reproduction
– – Reduction in Body Fat
– – No sunburn, No tan lines

Get your doctor prescribed tanning peptides now, click here and stay tanned and glowing all year round!