Weight Loss Peptides

Weight Loss Peptides

Weight Loss can be achieved through the use of doctor prescribed pharmaceutical weight loss peptide supplementation. Drop the unwanted Kg’s and lose the excess fat by using weight loss peptides.

The Problem:

Hormones change, and the levels decrease as we age. By the time we’re 30 ‘Endocrine’ one of the hormones that help us stay lean is longer functioning efficiently compared to earlier years.
Resulting in unwanted fat storage, which is typically around the abdominal region and hips.

The Solution – Why Weight loss peptides

Weight loss peptides have the ability to do increase the naturally occurring endocrine hormones which result in burning fat and losing unwanted weight.

What Weight Loss peptides do?

Weight loss peptides increase ghrelin in the stomach, which assists in the release of the GH hormone aiding in the control of hunger.

Getting hunger under control results in eating for nutrition rather than satisfaction. The benefits are then seen across many areas:

  • Increases in metabolism, keeping the body in the fat burning state.
  • Breaking down of stored fat turning it into energy, resulting in weight loss and production of lean muscle (toning and shaping)

How weight loss peptides work

To ensure you get your desired weight loss results easily our Australian doctors are happy to check your hormone levels to optimise your metabolism. Our doctors are always on hand to help you with your needs.
In addition to using Weight loss peptides and losing unwanted fat, some high-intensity lifting a couple of times a week alongside the implementation of cardio is recommended accompanied by a balanced diet of protein fats and carbohydrates.

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